VilCap Communities Toolkit

An all-inclusive solution for program design, management, and implementation of a Village Capital program

"For some less developed entrepreneurial ecosystems, they don’t necessarily need the big dollars of venture capital. They need help to develop a crop of talented entrepreneurs. Programs such as this one are one way to do that."

What's VilCap Communities?

VilCap Communities enables investors and ecosystem leaders to democratize entrepreneurship everywhere, using our peer-review model. In our pilot year, 26 investors and ecosystem leaders have committed to invest more than $1.25 million in local companies through peer review. Learn more about VilCap Communities here.

Why this Toolkit?

What if you could open a website that gave you personalized, step-by-step guides, trainings, and modules on how to run an effective investment readiness program? Everything from how to write recruit entrepreneurs to apply to your program to slide decks of curriculum to a full peer review ranking platform is included in our newly revamped Toolkit.

As a VilCap Community, not only will you have access to the materials to run a great program, but the Village Capital resources to train your facilitators, connect you to the right networks, and give sector-specific insights on your program focus. Be the go-to ecosystem builder in your city with our one-stop shop.

Reflections from our 26 Communities

The Village Capital program focuses on three things:

Customer Discovery

Are you solving the right problem?

Here we drill into the value proposition, identify who key customers are, what they want, and how to deliver value to them.

Team Discovery

Do you have the right team?

You may not be able to afford the team you need today to scale - that's why you raise money. Our Venture Investment-Readiness and Awareness Levels (VIRAL) framework helps identify the necessary team and have a plan on how to pay for them.

Investor Discovery

Are you ready for investment?

Every investor has a VIRAL level. We will help you identify what VIRAL level investors are at so you save time and have more productive conversations.

We answer these questions across three workshops spanning 12 days.

This is the public version of the VilCap Communities Toolkit. This site only includes one example of our 12 day program.

For more information and to access the entire program, please contact Emily Edwards at

Village Capital is a global venture capital firm that finds, trains and invests in entrepreneurs solving real-world problems. Since 2009 we have invested in over 70 ventures across 15 countries and supported hundreds more through our collaborative investment-readiness programs. Village Capital graduates have leveraged initial capital 25:1, created over 10,000 jobs, and served over 6 million customers. For more information, visit and follow @villagecapital on Twitter.