Middle School Athletics

Hilo-Waiakea Complex Area

**August 2022 Update: We are not currently offering any sports programs under the Middle School Athletics program, but will make an announcement if anything changes.

What is Middle School Athletics?

Middle School Athletics: A sports program that encourages middle schools to form teams with students enrolled at their school. League or tournament games are then scheduled for school teams to compete against each other.

  • Benefits: While representing their school at league games or tournaments students will learn and improve at their sport, learn the academic and behavioral requirements for competition, and compete their best while maintaining a high level of sportsmanship.

  • Our Vision: To be a model athletic program that fosters the whole child, their families, and the community.

  • Our Mission:

      • Create a solid builder program for the feeder schools in our complex.

      • Provide athletic & college process education to families throughout the year.

      • Introduce middle school student-athletes and their families to the High School athletics process including grade checks.

      • Offer current High School student-athletes a mentorship program that they can use on their college applications as volunteer hours.

      • Promote a healthy lifestyle that addresses lowering our communities obesity rates and encourages lifelong fitness.

      • Provide social and emotional learning opportunities that create a character rich environment.

      • Enrich our community with positive activities, including hosting tournaments on the weekend.

      • Provide valuable jobs to our community members.