NFT Value

ViiKoin Executive NFT

Black = 600,000 ViiKoin

Platinum = 300,000 ViiKoin

Gold = 150,000 ViiKoin

ViiKoin NFT

Black = 200,000 ViiKoin

Platinum = 100,000 ViiKoin

Gold = 50,000 ViiKoin

  • 10% Business Ventures

  • 10% Community Incentives

  • 10% Mining Expenditures'

  • 15% Liquidity Provisions

  • 15% Marketing & Promotions

  • 15% Talent Acquisition

  • 10% Team

  • 15% Development of ViiPlay & Viiwi Mobile Partnerships

Development of ViiPlay

(15%) will be allocated for development of the gamification ecology, in-game p2p calling protocol development, ASA Exchange, NFT Marketplace & music curation immersed in our web3 ecosystem.


(10%) will be dedicated to the team to ensure sustainable, rapid innovation, future incentives, and other products in the Viiwi/ViiKoin/ViiPlay ecosystem.

Talent Aquisition

(15%) will be allocated to acquire top tier developers and cyber security teams to ensure a successful and well secured project as well as acquire license and rights to music from recording artist.

Marketing & Promotions

(15%) will be used to successfully and strategically implement marketing and promotion endeavors e.g., Influencers, ad campaigns and giveaways

Liquidity Provisions

(15%) 5% will be used for NFT staking and 5% locked into a liquidity provision divided between currently available DEXes.5% Locked into a liquidity Vault

Mining Expenditures

(10%) will be used to purchase highly profitable HD5 & HD6 Kadena miners, and also other profitable crypto miners ranging from ASIC to CPU

Community Incentives

(10%) extra incentives to the community through LP and staking reward systems over a period of 1 year.

Business Ventures

(10%) will be dedicated to funding passive income plays i.e., real estate, franchises, Airbnb, fashion, wireless resale, energy and web 3 projects.