What is ViiKoin Token & NFT?

ViiKoin Token & NFT is the first of many blockchain, crypto and w3b based projects from US based wireless reseller ViiWi Mobile Inc.

Vision: To bring mobile, music, gaming, commerce and mining together on one platform.

Mission: Bring real life monetization to w3b

ViiKoin NFT's

There will be a total of 1098 minted. Each NFT validates membership into an exclusive owner's club and each unique club has its own monetization opportunities. These 1098 rare NFT's also hold value as fractionalized NFT's and will be able to be sold in our ViiPlay marketplace. All NFT's qualify for daily profit bonus, based on revenue generated from our 3rd party marketing efforts, qualifying customers for the US governments Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), where consumers in low-income areas can get free or reduced cost internet access for the next 4 to 5 years. So, this NFT is guaranteed to pay as long as ViiWi Mobile Inc. maintains this aspect of their business model.

We are paid USD$80 per successful install. (50% (USD$40) will get reinvested into the business thus sustaining the ecosystem as a whole/ 10% (USD$8) will go to marketing and promotion of the program as well as introducing more people in low-income areas to the adaptation and ease of use of cryptocurrency/25% (USD$20) will be allocated to salaries/10% (USD$8) will be directed to NFT holders' daily profits bonus/5% (USD$4) will be used to provide liquidity to ViiKoin/USDC daily staking pool)

Black NFT - 11 Executives & 111 Governors

Platinum NFT - 22 Executives & 222 Governors

Gold NFT - 66 Executives & 666 Governors

ViiKoin Executive Black & ViiKoin Black NFT

ViiKoin Executive Platinum & ViiKoin Platinum NFT

ViiKoin Executive Gold & ViiKoin Gold NFT


ViiKoin Tokens

ViiKoin is the utility token for our ecosystem ViiWi Mobile Zone (ViiWi MoZo-our wireless business retail platform and ViiPlay a multiverse/arcade dubbed by our team as the Metarcade-our s2e, p2e gaming, Dapp.

Buy & sell in game assets

Buy, pool, swap, stake or trade on Dapp

ViiKoin will be used to give NFT holders added value during staking period

Black Executive = 600,000 ViiKoin / Black Governor = 200,000 ViiKoin

Platinum Executive = 300,000 ViiKoin / Platinum Governor = 100,000 ViiKoin

Gold Executive = 150,000 ViiKoin / Gold Gorvernor = 50,000 ViiKoin

Token Holders can earn by staking coins/NFT as well as providing liquidity

Buy In game sponsorship and ad space

Set up in game commerce

Earn tokens by doing bounties.

Win ViiKoin as in game rewards



  • ViiKoin Token airdrop for early supporters

  • First mint of 99 ViiKoin Executive NFT Series will be created on Algorand Blockchain and released for purchase on Algogems.io NFT marketplace

  • Conceptualization of platform

  • Whitepaper release


  • Second mint 999 ViiKoin NFT

  • Develop AIVAE software

  • Open ViiKoin LP Staking for NFT & Tokens on Algostake.io

  • Develop characters and games for metarcade

  • Lock 50% of ViiKoin Tokens in Vault for 1 year on Vestige.fi

  • Release sneak peek of W3b platform UI

  • ViiWi Mobile Phone Service Relaunch & ViiWi MoZo launch

  • Acquire (5) KD5 Miners for mining facility

  • Form partnerships


  • Release ViiPlay 1st UX Trailer

  • Partner Info

  • Smart Contract Audits

  • Acquire 1st commercial property to use for mining and other business ventures

  • Private Beta release of ViiPlay to NFT Holders only

  • Purchase rights to 500 songs

  • Launch (Closed Early Beta) ViiPlay on Android/IOS/PC

  • First ViiKoin airdrop


  • Launch ViiPlay (Beta) on Android/IOS/PC

  • Limited Collection of 1921 Music Based NFT will be created and available to mint with ViiKoin tokens on ViiPlay marketplace

  • Team Un doxing

  • Create bridge with EVM chains (TBD by community)

  • On Board sponsorship and advertising partners


  • Complete first ViiPlay System Update

  • On board in game business partners

  • Host First Metaverse & Music Fest (TBD by community)

  • Community Giveaway Mercedes Benz EQS

  • Acquire 1st Airbnb property


  • First Token Burn (9.21T ViiKoin)

  • Launch Tournaments

  • Implement live stream 2 earn feature into ViiPlay

  • Purchase rights to 1,000 songs from Independent Artist


  • On board 1 million ViiKoin holders/Viiplay users

  • 250k Viiwi Mobile Phone subscribers (Globally)

  • Host 2nd Metaverse & Music Fest (TBD by community)

  • Introduce NuYo business incubator (a p-o-s masternode based blockchain backed by 100 startup businesses operating under a single ecosysytem backed by USDC.)