What is Viiwi Mobile/ViiKoin & ViiPlay?

  • Viiiwi Mobile is a music, media and telecommunications company that has catapulted into web3 gaming and Dapp development, as well as music curation and distribution. ViiKoin is the utility token that will be used throughout the Viiwi Mobile ecosystem. ViiPlay is the P2E gaming metaverse and nft marketplace. This immersive platform will also serve as a curation and distribution hub for some of the most talented musicians of our world's future.

Who are Our Partners?

  • We are currently partnered with a few up-and-coming fashion brands such as "Luxury Voodoo" and "House of Pirahnas" which will be offered as both digital and physical merchandise. Viiwi Mobile also is in negotiation with a few major and independent recording artists to distribute their content and music via VPM platform. As we continue to build our metaverse we will seek out and partner with viable brands and other projects on multiple blockchains. All inquiries for partnership business and enterprises are welcome via web3ventures@viiwimobile.net (All industries are welcome including sports, gambling and gaming). Tell us how we could be benefit from your project and how your project can benefit from us.


What is a Blockchain, or Web3?

This is quite a complex concept to grasp quickly.Here is a great breakdown by Algorand Inc, a cutting edge, Boston founded, U.S.Blockchain Technology Company.

Here is a concise summary from Algorand:

“blockchain is an immutable database of recorded transactions that is shared across a network of computers (called nodes). Transactions are propagated through the network, verified, and bundled together into blocks. Each block of transactions is verified by the decentralized network of participating nodes and appended to the previous blocks. Every block is assigned a unique code (called a hash) that users can reference in the future and prove to anyone that their transactions were indeed added into that block. Any user can freely read from and write to this immutable database.”

Blockchain Technology, or Web3, is the infrastructure ViiPlay, and many other companies and corporations are innovating with. By far Algorand in our opinion is the best blockchain to ever exist

Why Algorand?

ViiWi Mobile believes Algorand is the future of finance and web3. Algorand founder Silvio Micali has the best approach to the Blockchain Trilemma, in our opinion. @metapunks.world has a wonderfully written piece covering this exact topic. We agree completely, and the article is worth reading to the end!

What is a Wallet?

A wallet is how you are able to access and interact with the Algorand Blockchain. There are multiple wallet providers on Algorand. All wallets will use a 25 word Seed Phrase. Protect your Seed Phrase, and be responsible with how it is stored. This gives full access to your Algorand Account through any Algorand Wallet. It is common to keep a backup, in case the original is lost or damaged. You can use the same seed phrase on multiple devices simultaneously. For example,on your phone, laptop, and PC. Read more about the topic here.

How do I create a Browser, or Desktop Wallet?

This is a wallet that is saved to the browser you use. It is our recommended wallet for laptop and PC users! My Algo Wallet is a great option for your first Algorand Wallet. Jason Porter has a well written article to guide you through the process!

How do I create a Mobile Wallet?

Pera wallet is a favorite of the ViiKoin team. It makes your Algorand Wallet very portable and has great features to view your NFT collection. This wallet can be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. Here is a direct download link.