Learning Away from School

(Home Learning)

6 April 2020

Kia Ora Parents

This site is for all parents and students as a response to the Level 4, Covid 19 school closures.

The packs of work provided by each teacher, and collected by most families, are for the immediate time being and are intended to be helpful if needed, not a “you MUST do this” document.

As of Wednesday 15th April (right after Easter) your child will need to check in with their teacher daily and follow the programme of work provided.

Use the HOME and drop down navigation from the in the top right - Here you will find links to each classroom. I have also tried to create Classroom links on each page to help you navigate to the most important places.

School holidays have now been set by the Government (communicated through the MOE) as Monday 30th March - Tuesday 14th April (inclusive) with Wednesday 15th April being our first day of Term 2. From this date Teachers will be marking the attendance roll. We anticipate that each family will check in with their teacher on this day (and in a suitable way daily moving forward) possibly via email, dojo, seesaw, google classroom or a google doc - this will be created by each teacher and a roll protocol will be confirmed.