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Address: No.27, Shanda South Rd, Jinan, China


My name is Arran Zeyu Wang.

I am particularly interested in data-driven interactive visualization and visual analytics.

I hope to explore perception, interaction and design in visual analytical techniques to help users via combining perceptual, statistical, and machine learning mechanisms.

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2014.09 - 2018.06: B.Eng. in Computer Science, Taishan Honored College, Shandong University, GPA 86.1/100.


(^ equal contribution)

  • Improving the Robustness of Scagnostics

Yunhai Wang^, Zeyu Wang^, Tingting Liu, Michael Correll, Zhanglin Cheng, Oliver Deussen and Michael Sedlmair.

IEEE Trans. Visualization & Comp. Graphics (TVCG), 2020. Proceedings of InfoVis'19.

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  • Image-Based Aspect Ratio Selection

Yunhai Wang^, Zeyu Wang^, Chi-Wing Fu, Hansjorg Schmauder, Oliver Deussen and Daniel Weiskopf.

IEEE Trans. Visualization & Comp. Graphics (TVCG), 2019. Proceedings of InfoVis'18.

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  • Is there a Robust Technique for Selecting Aspect Ratios in Line Charts?

Yunhai Wang^, Zeyu Wang^, Lifeng Zhu, Jian Zhang, Chi-Wing Fu, Zhanglin Cheng, Changhe Tu, and Baoquan Chen.

IEEE Trans. Visualization & Comp. Graphics (TVCG), 2018. Presented on InfoVis'18.

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  • You Are Where You APP: An Assessment on Location Privacy of Social APPs

Fanghua Zhao*, Linan Gao*, Zeyu Wang, Yang Zhang and Shanqing Guo.

IEEE Int. Symp. on Software Reliability Eng. (ISSRE), 2018.

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  • WalkToTopics: Inferring Topic Relations from A Feature Learning Perspective

Linan Gao, Zeyu Wang and Shanqing Guo.

Int. Conf. on Knowledge Sci., Eng. & Mgmt. (KSEM), 2018, Oral.

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Reviewer, VAST'19, InfoVis'19, IUI'20, EuroVis'19-20, PacificVAST'18-19.

Student Volunteer, GAMES'19, CAD/Graphics'19, ChinaVis'17-18.


The First Prize, The Chinese Mathematics Competitions (CMC)

China National Scholarship (Rank 1/110), Shandong University

Dean Honor Award in Computer Science (Rank 1/110), Shandong University

Excellent Undergraduate Scholarship, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dean Honored Award of SIAT (Rank 1/350), Chinese Academy of Sciences

Distinguished Student of SIAT, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Honorable Mention of Undergraduates in Taishan College, Shandong University