Undergraduate Student

Computer Science

Taishan Honored College, Shandong University

Email: zywangx AT gmail.com (zywangx@gmail.com)

Address: No.72, Binhai Rd., Qingdao, Shandong, China.


My name is Zeyu (Arran) Wang. I'm now a forth year undergraduate major in computer science in Taishan College, Shandong University.

My main interests lie in Information Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction. And I'm also participating in some projects on Computer Graphics.

I hope to explore and study more about human visual perceptions in order to provide more efficient visualizing and interactive techniques.


2014.09 - 2018.07: B.Eng, Taishan Honored College, Shandong University.


Reviewer, PacificVAST 2018 workshop (in conjunction with IEEE PacificVis 2018)

Student Volunteer, ChinaVis 2017


2016.09 - Present: Research Assistant at the Vis Lab of the Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC), co-supervised by Prof. Yunhai Wang and Prof. Changhe Tu.

2017.07 - Present: Research Assistant at the Visual Computing Center (VCC) of Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), co-supervised by Prof. Oliver Deussen and Prof. Zhanglin Cheng.


Dean Honored Award of SIAT, CAS

Distinguished Student of SIAT, CAS

Honored Graduate of Taishan College, Shandong University