Lab of Nature-Inspired Topographical Mechanical System


Welcome to the home page of the Lab of Nature-Inspired Topographical Mechanical System. Our research interests lie in the interfaces between materials, physics, and engineering, with a focus on the fundamental understanding of the artistry of biological materials as well as the rational development of bio-inspired, topological surfaces that dynamically change their interfacial properties such as wetting, adhesion, thermal-fluid transport. Topographical effect has been actively explored in quantum mechanics and metamaterials, but remains largely unexplored in the domain of thermal-fluidic systems and other engineering implementation. We seek to explore a wide range of topographical surfaces and disruptive technologies to fundamentally change the fluid-thermal-surface interfacial and transport processes, providing a new paradigm for materials discovery and implementation in real world.

We embrace new challenges and collaborations. Feel free to visit us, either in person or on the web.