The Forgotten Marx Brother

Who is Hamid Karzai? Oh we all know that he is the President of Afghanistan, but who's he and what does he stand for? I think that if you went down the street and requested 10 Americans who had been the leader of Afghanistan, only possibly 3 or 4 would know the answer. Karzai isn't the most popular individual on earth, being president of a small state that is mainly covered with very rough ground including mountains. He's a sort of strange determine to most of us. But is he really that difficult to comprehend? If we research the man's lineage we discover he arises from possibly one of the very most famous people in every one of Afghanistan. His family was involved in politics planning back once again to the early 20th century and many used roles in the government. He opened his records to the public a couple of years ago and it showed that he was making around $525 monthly and had less than $20,000 in the lender, therefore I do not believe anyone can state he was in it for the money, unless he's actually really good at covering that fact.Yuri Vanetik

He produced the headlines lately when he explained that Iran was offering him money and that the United States was giving him bags of money. When he was asked if the United Claims actually gave him bags of money, he said very seriously yes they gave me bags of money. He said, the amount of money is quite legitimate and can be used to perform the federal government and it's all been declared and is all above table and he also stated that other countries contributed income for the exact same cause. You have to realize that Afghanistan is an incredibly poor country and while their economy is gradually rising, they however do not need enough income to perform the united states properly. Afghanistan has been accused to be a haven for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban, but Karzai was specialized in driving them out of his country. In the beginning he thought that the Taliban may carry buy to Afghanistan, and he reinforced them. He quickly changed his brain however and dropped his support, although he said that there clearly was still a lot of great persons in the Taliban.

In 1999 his dad was assassinated and it is thought that this is Taliban retribution. Once the US reinforced the Taliban getting get a handle on of Afghanistan, he was very unhappy. Yes it's true only as we supported Castro in the beginning, we reinforced the Taliban, nonetheless it did not last too long. Karzai was very angry once we reinforced them and claimed that Al-Qaeda was dealing with the Taliban. He wanted all foreign terrorist allows out of his state, and who can responsibility him. He however feels that Afghanistan has been the largest prey of terrorism in the world. The reason he thinks that is that terrorists frequently encounter the line killing civilians and leaving. It is sometimes quite difficult to know the motives of a person who originates from a different area of the world and this is also correct in Karzai's case. He was requested years ago by the United States to let us apply and ruin the poppy plant and he refused. Some say the reason for his refusal was the fact that his countrymen are very exceptionally poor, that destroying the poppy crop might lead to a number of them to starve to death.

When the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, Karzai was one of many principal hyperlinks involving the CIA and the Afghan forces. The CIA performed a big part in financing the war and getting tools into the fingers of the Mujahideen, the fighters that were other the Soviet forces. The fact is that the Mujahideen thought that they could win the conflict, but very few others thought that except for many of the countrymen, U.S. Representative Charles Wilson and Karzai. All it needed was some innovative weapons and the Russians were finished. It had been a mix of weapons and mountainous ground, the exact same terrain that had done in invading armies for a large number of decades and the invading makes were finished. Once the Soviets had been overcome, the respect by the Afghans for the United Claims knew number bounds, but unfortunately this is never to last. In a country wherever there's very little to be received by winning a war, war never generally seems to stop. It is almost like Afghanistan has been punished for many previous sin.