Project Titles

1. From primer designing to virtual PCR and cloning (will include restriction in silico mapping, agarose gel electrophoresis) you need to choose gene, isolate it, choose vector, give its map, show restriction sites, show how it will be cloned.

2. Protein modelling (different software of homology modelling, look for a protein sequence with no structure and make a homology model)

3. Structural comparison of different protein

4. Analysis of gene function (BLAST, MSA, domain mapping, motif prediction).

5. Phylogenetic classification of organisms based on sequence tags. (a gene list will be given, you need to compare and analyse and make tree, different methods of tree formation).

6. Searching the scientific literature (search literature databases for Telomere and aging)

7. Protein-ligand docking

8. NCBI resources utilization

9. Expasy tools and application

10. Glycosyl hydrolases and their structural analysis

11. Tools for Multiple sequence alignments

12. Tools for phylogenetic analysis