Zonta Club of Olympia fosters self-sufficiency by providing just-in-time aid to motivated women who lack resources for things like taking a class for work, fees or car repairs for transportation to work and child care.

NRS pays for one time for expenses and fees that are obstacles to reaching a goal like employment or housing.

NRS funds are dispersed through Family Education and Support Services (FESS). FESS already serves the target population, screens applicants and pays the vendor or agency directly (not the woman).

Zonta Club of Olympia separately accounts for all Next Right Step donations. 100% of your donation go to NRS recipients.

Please join us in building a better community by helping one woman at a time take the next right step in self-sufficiency.

Contact us for more information. Donate now.

Here are a few stories of women who were able to take the Next Right Step

Next Right Step (NRS) helped this single mom regain her independence. We paid fees to reissue her driver’s license and paid for copies of her children’s birth certificates to secure housing.

NRS Grant $419

This woman got behind due to a broken wrist that kept her off the job. NRS paid her utility bill so she could catch up and prevent late fees from adding up.

NRS Grant $235

This NRS grant paid for specialty training resulting in a pay increase. It also paid to replace her car’s starter, fixing her transportation problem. $125 for training, $165 for car repair.

NRS Grant $290

Sometimes $20 can be an obstacle to those striving for independence. NRS paid the for a background check needed for employment.

NRS Grant $20

Dance for fun and a purpose!

Let's have a groovy time and raise some green! Just $15 for a 1 hour dance class. No partner needed.

Learn the Hustle and "Bus Stop" line dance from 6:30-7:30pm on July 12, August 2nd and September 6th at Lynda Zeman's home in Lacey.

Hustle is a great dance for more than just those awesome 70s, slow it down for a more romantic vibe to almost any genre of music. Then show off your dance moves at Zonta's 70s themed "Lights, Camera, Murder" mystery dinner fundraiser on September 21st!

RSVP TO Lynda Zeman at olympiazonta@gmail.com