Ziquan Liu


Hi, I am Ziquan Liu, a 3rd year PhD student of computer science at City University of Hong Kong in Video, Image, and Sound Analysis Lab. My research interest is machine learning, including low-dimensional representation, manifold learning, adversarial examples in deep learning and Bayesian inference. I was born and raised in Anhui province of China. I obtained my Bachelor of Engineering in Information Engineering from Beihang University and secondary Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the same university, both in 2017.


Email: ziquanliu2-c@my.cityu.edu.hk

Address: Run Run Shaw Creative Media Center M5001, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Journal Submission

[1] Ziquan Liu, Lei Yu, Janet H. Hsiao and Antoni B. Chan, "PRIMAL-GMM: PaRametrIc MAnifold Learning of Gaussian Mixture Models." Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

[2] Hui Lan, Ziquan Liu, Janet H. Hsiao, Dan Yu, Antoni B. Chan, "Clustering Hidden Markov Models with Variational Bayesian Hierarchical EM." Submitted to IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems


[1] Fangqing Gu, Ziquan Liu, Yiu-ming Cheung and Hailin Liu. "Optimization of spectrum-energy efficiency in heterogeneous communication network." Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning. Springer, Cham, 2017.

[2] Ziquan Liu, Lei Yu, Janet H. Hsiao and Antoni B. Chan. "Parametric Manifold Learning of Gaussian Mixture Models" Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence, IJCAI-19, 3073-3079, 2019