All the instruments and electronics were taken up by the author himself, with all his creative power. It is not an easy listen, although the musical structure of all six songs is not complicated. It is actually clear, in the experimental stage it is maximally accommodating to listeners. But its narrative content worries a lot. And in some places it's even irritating...


#99 Flork Reviews: Ondrey Zintaer - Spánok / Sleep (2023)

Having a listen to the latest offering Sleep from Slovak artist Ondrey Zintaer is a lot like dreaming itself. Like his past albums, Sleep incorporates a number of sounds and vocal overlays with heavy doses of the sax and clarinet. But his latest album is much more organised, with elements of darkness and suspense, and often foreboding at times. I was captivated immediately by its unique blend of instrumental music and atmospheric soundscapes, a dreamscape that is nightmarish yet hopeful.  

Sleep takes the listener on a journey of unconventional combinations of instruments and dark thematic elements. And what is the Florkman’s prognosis? While it may not be for everyone, those who appreciate avant-garde and experimental music will find Sleep to be an entrancing and rewarding experience. Ondrey Zintaer has a unique ability to convey emotion and atmosphere through a variety of sounds and subtle noises (as well as great sax, organ, and clarinet skills) that illustrate his artistic vision in the realm of experimental music. 

New album - Sleep


I finished such an album today. It is the result of longer thinking and actually something that could be called composing (there are also some notations). They are partly also things collected over time, which were created as musical openings for openings in galleries. I'm glad that I took it honestly and that those songs were created. It's partly a concept album. Sleep as a theme also with a reference to surrealism and an endless handful of inspirations, also as a possible momentary release from the yoke of everyday life, and a defacto moment of complete departure. Enough about that in the poem set to music (I will add the English version of the text on the bc page). I don't know if I need to write more about it. Cassettes and CDs coming soon.



Naked Music 02, August 17th 2023 

new videoclip for ZTB Chemical Reaction 3 

Big Thanx to Andrej Danóczi. Klik here and be happy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YD1atiHkZtk 

ZTB Trio song All Moms and Kids of War on the waves of Spanish radio Mirage

Live in EQO Galery

4.6.2023, Spišský Hrhov


Prvý diel z bohatej histórie Košického fenoménu slobodnej improvizovanej hudby a neskôr kľudne i tanca, maľby, poézie ... už čoskoro!!

Galéria EQO: Kontroš / Maščák / Zintaer - TILL THE END OF THE WORLD ... STILL

May 2023 

The pop-up event of an audio-visual performance that combines the performance of Košice musician Zintaer (noise & dark ambient) with individual works of visual artists Maroš Kontroš (painting) and Petr Maščák (video). The event is a peripheral outburst of inter-institutional cooperation between EQO and the East Slovak Gallery in Košice, where the exhibition of both authors is still ongoing (curators Adam Macko & Miroslav Kleban). Her ideological concept - the anarchy of bad painting, the sought-after authenticity of the neo-apocalypse (the biblical one has probably already happened, we just didn't notice it...) takes the form of avant-garde noise, a concert of alternative contemporary music commenting on selected visual works.

Veto beauty. Living your disaster... Till the End of the World... still.

The event was supported from public funds by the Art Support Fund.

Kurvik19 - ... z diaľav zabudnutia 

May 2023

Two years ago, a joint short album with MASSOLA saxophonist Áda was released, which showed the way to my next work. Deep dark oscilation on the border of noise and harmony. Poetry is welcome. 



May 2023

This composition was created for the opening of the exhibition of Maroš Kontroš and Petr Maščák entitled Till the End of the World. I recorded it three days later at a concert in NERV creative art space in Humenne city, with what I think is a fairly faithful reproduction. 


Great review of new joint album ZINTAER/UGFC - Music For Zeppelins in Windstorms at ANXIOUS Musick Magazine 

May 2023 

Muszę przyznać, iż “Music For Zeppelins In Windstorms” to genialny koncept album. Idealnie odzwierciedla i przenosi nas w czasy lotów sterowcami jednak wszystko podane jest w dość niespotykanym tonie. Jego surrealistyczna struktura powoduję, że z minuty na minutę nie wiemy czego się spodziewać, jakie dźwięki dostaniemy za chwilę.  .... 


Live at Hlukovae Mysteria in Ostrava with Jori Josiphson

May 2023

Richard Kutěj: "There could have been more spectators, but the space is otherwise pleasantly filled and Ondrey Zintaer & Jori Josiphson are first on stage. They built their performances on a very pleasant bass drone, which, along with other boxes, was controlled by a second-appointed, and everything has a meditative character. Ondrey Zintaer reads poems full of lyrics and indictments of the current state of the world, addiction to digital networks, television, war, or enters it with freejazz wins of the saxophone and clarinet. The whole thing has a pleasantly engaging and magical atmosphere, although the words sting." 


REVUE PROSTOR introduce:

May 2023

All the texts printed below found their new dimension within the anthroportrait album. It is the lyrics that give the compositions on the borderline of minimalist electro-acoustic dialogues their dramatic narrative. Ondrey Zintaer, violently inspired by the aggression against Ukraine, weaves his intimate feelings of disappointment into booming electronic backgrounds, on which he completes the already quite darkly drawn moods of doom and emptiness with acoustic instruments, either alone or with guests. 


Live in Humenné NERV  21.4.2023

Amazing review of ZINTAER/KIYASU - BRAIN by Bosnian web Cvece zla i naopakog

April 2023

Kiyasu plays strong, fast and energetic, but at the same time soft and relaxed, without any attempts to offer countable rhythms and always in a great free-flow groove.  ....   Zintaer plays the sax well, almost disarmingly gentle, combining cute phrases and improvisations that are neither power-aggressive nor ambitious to emulate the greats of free jazz sax. Of course, there is no lack of sentimental, emphatically melodic playing, but Zintaer manages to make his alto and soprano saxophone playing cerebral, yet pleasing to the ear, with a pleasant groove.  ...  Brain is a pleasant recording that, in a relaxed way, resembles the Zen dimension of free improvisation. Yes, it's loud and rough, but it's not REALLY aggressive, much less sadistic. Kiyasu and Zintaer want to embrace you with their sound, hug you and hold you tight, not push you away. And what you do in this embrace is up to you.


My music on Radio DEVIN Musica Vocalis

April 2023

As in the work of Charles Baudelaire, beauty cannot be depicted only as harmonic in music. You have to look for it even in ugliness. The aesthetics of disgust and dirt, the principle of chaos, the human voice as the dominant element - this is the characteristic of Saturday's Musica vocalis concert. Selections from the work of Gautier Serra (from the Igorrr project), Ondrey Zintaer and Julo Fujak (with the NE:BO:DAJ project) will be complemented by field recordings of the UŠAMI project, which was signed by Slovak curators Jakub Juhás and Zoltán Czakó. 


Beautiful reviews on HIS VOICE 

April 2023 

The language used by Ondrey Zintaer on BRAIN and anthroportrait overflows with the freedom of jazz and noise, but, paradoxically, he uses this freedom most to express the inner constriction and sense of futility of contemporary life. Matouš Mokrý listened to therapeutic excursions into the interior landscapes. 


Amazing review on blog UNDERGROUND WITH COFFEE 

April 2023

I think it's good to listen it alone when you're in such a "deep mode". Just like me when I drink coffee alone while packing and smoking a cig and thinking about my existence. There is a lot that may not make sense to someone, but in the overall concept, if you think about it and listen carefully, it all fits together perfectly like lego. Keep an open mind and don't be afraid of something new.


Live in Bašta Bardejov support of Ottone Pesante 30.3.20023

Interview for Free Fall Jazz about ZTB Trio

March 2023

Just pure love for music.


Review of BRAIN and Anthroportrait on ANXIOUS Musick mag

Amazing meeting and two great gigs with Ryosuke Kiyasu

March 2023

Live in Trnava 12.3.2023 https://youtu.be/HXvYUTQNfm8 

Live in Prešov 13.32023 https://youtu.be/O57fuCGKUy8 

Live in Libresso caffee Prešov 13.3.2023

Live in Risko Trnava 12.3.2023

Review of ZTB album Organ on Italian web EXTRA MUSIC Mag

ZTB - Fear of War on RIGHT BRAIN rec. (Seattle USA )

January 2023

Great Honour for us. Thank you very much!


My poems published by PROSTOR REVUE

ZTB - Organ on ANXIOUS Musick Mag

Review of ZTB - BREATH on Italian Free Fall Jazz

Live in Tabačka Košice 30.9.2022

ZTB - BREATH on ANXIOUS Musick Magazine

HIS Voice review VA album with my collaborative track with Angelo Esmanhotto

Live in Tabačka Košice 23.9.2022

Live in Wave Prešov 21.8.2022


Live in Punctum, Prague, Czechia 28.7.2022

Live at Hradby Samoty 2022, Jelšava 14.7.2022

Collaboration track with RYOSUKE KIYASU on the waves of French CAMP Radio

Tracks from ZTB - Fear of War on Radio DEVIN

Live at Drone Day in Bratislava 29.5.2022

Live in Klub Lúč Trenčín 21.1.2022

Live at HEAR ME! fest Litultovice in Czechia 11.12.2021

Live in Olomouc Hlubina 12.12.2021

Live at KRAA! fest Bratislava 22.9.2020