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The small island of Mykonos in Greece is easily one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in the world. One of the reasons that this tiny island has become so famous, is the fact that many celebrities from all over the world choose to visit it each and every summer. From superstars like Madonna and the Kardashians to Victoria’s secret Angels and world class athletes, when it comes to vacationing in Greece, Mykonos is the first choice. This is mainly happening because some of the most exclusive restaurants and clubs can be found there. Luxury is deeply connected with Mykonos.

It goes without saying that all those stars and millionaires aren’t going to stay in cheap hotel rooms, which is why there are hundreds of very luxurious and modern villas on the island. Those villas are not available for superstars and jet setters though – besides, most of them tend to buy their own properties after a few trips on the island – anyone who can afford a villa can rent one. This means that if you ever dreamed about living for a few days like a superstar, Mykonos is definitely the place to live out your fantasy, even for just a few days. When it comes to finding and renting a villa however, it all comes down to choosing the right property management agency.

Zinas Mykonos Villas is a truly unique property management agency because it lists villas curated by none other than Panos Zinas, a famous designer. This means that the villas listed with this agency are very modern and luxurious and they can provide the ultimate summer vacation experience. Furthermore, the agency offers a wide variety for selection, which means that you can easily find the perfect villa, whether you are looking for a place that you and your friends can have fun in or a place where you and your family and / or your significant other can spend a few days relaxing in privacy. Here are some of the agency’s most unique villas in order to give you a taste of the variety on offer.

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The sunkissed villa: This is one of the gems of the Zinas Villas collection. This is property is all about privacy which makes it ideal for smaller groups of people and couples who would like to relax away from the maddening crowds. The villa is located in the area known as Kastro, which overlooks the town of Mykonos and thus it has an amazing view of the town’s port and the picturesque area known as Tourlos. The sunkissed villa consists of five ensuite bedrooms, all of them air conditioned and with huge and very comfortable beds. The rooms are spread over the two levels of the property.

The first level is where the main entrance of the villa can be found. Once one enters the villa he or she will be amazed by the very spacious living room which is furnished with unique furniture, all of them chosen by Panos Zinas, the man behind the Zinas Mykonos Villas agency. The living room also contains a huge TV and a top of the line sound system, making this room ideal for hanging out and having a good time enjoying movies or listening to favorite songs and even dancing. This level also contains a fully equipped kitchen with state of the art appliances and a huge dining area, big enough for more than 10 people. As far as rooms are concerned, on this level one can find two huge and completely independent Master suites, one of which even has a huge king size bed, like all other rooms in this level of the property and two extra beds.

The real star attraction of this level however is definitely the huge infinitely pool with its amazing view of the waters of the Aegean Sea. This is where guests usually spend most of their time since vacationing in Greece is all about enjoying the famous Greek sun next to the sea or a lovely pool.

The second level of the property – which is connected to the first via a staircase – is where the rest of the rooms can be found. Those rooms have double beds, equipped with state of the art mattresses and they have amazing views of the town of Mykonos and the Aegean Sea.

The presidential villa: The presidential villa is the newest entry in the Zinas Colelction portfolio and it’s definitely one of the most unique and best properties on the island. Since luxury is the name of the game, the Presidential villa doesn’t disappoint since it offers extravagant luxury combined with amazing views of the clear blue skies and crystal-like turquoise waters that Greece and its islands are famous all over the world.

What sets the presidential villa apart from the many luxurious villas on the island, is the fact that it is located on the highest point of Mykonos, which means that its pain “selling point” – apart from luxury of course – is the amazing view. The villa has been designed and built in order to take full advantage of than view. The master bedroom has a huge 12 meter long window opposite the bed, which provides the best view of any villa in Mykonos. There is nothing like waking up and seeing the gorgeous Aegean Sea laid out before you as you open your eyes. The master bedroom apart from a huge King size bed, also features a huge bathroom with specially designed lighting features and an infinity pool, right outside the aforementioned window.

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The villa’s living room is furnished with two huge sofas that can be easily transformed into double beds for the children or the friends of the main guests, who will of course be sleeping in the master bedroom. As far as entertainment is concerned, there are huge curved TVs and a state the art sound system for amazing movie nights. Next to the living room there is a fully equipped kitchen with high-tech appliances and a dining area that can accommodate more than a dozen people.

The property also contains a Jacuzzi, hammocks and an outdoor dining area. If you are looking for the most luxurious vacation and the best view in Mykonos, then the Presidential villa of the Zinas Mykonos Villas agency is definitely the best choice for you.

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