Zikes Privacy Policy


This document presents the privacy policy for the Zikes application, that is:

In general, Zikes needs to identify its users in order to store and serve the journeys they have planned and taken. Implied by that, each running instance of a zikes mobile companion app will observe the user's location. Whenever it concludes the user moves consistently with a bicycle ride (in terms of average and maximum speed), it will start collecting and persisting the location points and it will upload them to the Zikes-private cloud storage sometime later.

What Data we Collect

Zikes retains the following record for every of its logged in user:

  • their full name;
  • their email address (for communication with the user);
  • their user id pertinent to the identity provider they have chosen (google or facebook);
  • the time they have signed up to Zikes;

Associated with the above record are kept journeys planned and taken by the user. A journey is a collection of routes and a route is a collection of geographical route points. A route points of a taken journey are collected with the accuracy supplied by the user's mobile equipment and are each decorated with the timestamp. A taken journey is only collected when it's consistent with a bicycle ride (average speed above 8km/h and max not exceeding 50km/h) of at least 1km - it is otherwise discarded. A taken journey is only collected by a running Zikes application - i.e.: when the user explicitly launched the app.

Where do we Collect the Data

User records are persistent in the Google App Engine Datastore and their journeys in the Google Cloud Storage with the security offered by the Google App Engine platform. The access to this storage is protected with a password.

Who has Access to this Data

Solely the author of the Zikes application, that is, Remek Zajac, who has the storage password in his head.


If you have a concern or comment towards this policy, please do not hesitate to write: routorrent-at-gmail.com