Wireless Design on 2010

(Concept Demo Video)

The first wireless project for interactive voting system. The visitor can bring the gadget around the exhibition hall.

In exhibition, it could also identify where are you and give a 5 minutes briefing about the exhibitor background or promotion. If the exhibitor is busy . The visitor could left a message to exhibitor to show his interests.

In conference, it could raise and answer questions. It also can bookmark the slide for Q and A session.

This shows the hardware of PCB. It includes 14 buttons , 2 x 16 LCD for display, audio jack for earphone, SD card for playing mp3 for exhibition's introduction.

This demo video shows the Graphic User Interface for user.

We use zigbee to communicate node to node. The demo clip shows the GUI and its function to monitor the fan status, so that the ventilation maintenance could do their job real time and easily.

When the fan is giving error or fault function, this system could notify maintenance party to come for verification.

This system uses 6LOWPAN technology as a dedicated router. It serves as a bridge between internet and home lighting.

This is an NXP solution. With this solution, user is able to monitor and control via web application.

We exhibited this solution during the first LED Asia 2012 in Marina Convention Hall, Singapore.

A simple demonstration on how we use RFID to read and write as a cashless payment system.

It could be used in college canteen or international school canteen, restaurant and so on for membership and cashless payment.

It was developed before year 2010 for androids mobile app to search for any Good Deal around you. If there is some promotion, the app will notify the location of the promotion near you with the contents and distance.