Zhiwei Liu

Dr. Zhiwei Liu is a full-time research scientist at Salesforce AI Research. He received his Ph.D. degree from University of Illinois at Chicago, where he was advised by Prof. Philip S. Yu in the Big Data and Social Computing Lab.

Dr. Liu's research interests lie in large models, recommender systems and data mining. Specifically, those research works  on graph neural networks, recommender systems, natural language understanding, etc.

Email: zhiweiliu [at] salesforce [dot] com [OR] jim96liu [at] gmail [dot] com

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July, 2019

Latest News

[Oct. 2023] Best short paper honorable mention in CIKM for graph alignment

[Oct. 2023] Two papers accepted to WSDM 2024.

[Aug. 2023] My paper BOLAA is officially released, which aims to benchmark and orchestrate LLM-augmented Autonomous Agents (LAAs).

[Aug. 2023] Three paper accepted to CIKM! 2 long + 1 short! 

[July. 2023] Our Large-scale dialog datasets released!