I am a Ph.D. student at University of Rochester in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences and Center of Vision Science.

I currently work in Active Perception Lab with Dr. Michele Rucci. I use a combination of psychophysical and computational modeling approaches to study the consequences of eye movements on visual perception. My primary research focuses on establishment of spatial representation under ocular drift, spatiotemporal content reformatting delivered by eye movements, head-eye coordination in real-world tasks.

Check out my CV here.

Recent Highlights:

  • 05/2022 - 10/2022: research intern at Apple

  • 05/2022: Presented "Task-dependent head-eye coordination during natural fixation " in a talk at VSS 2022

  • 03/2022: "Fine oculomotor knowledge enhances high-acuity vision" is submitted in biorxiv.

  • 05/2021: Patent "System and method for real-time high-resolution eye-tracking " granted.

  • 05/2021: Presented "Fine spatial judgments driven by extra-retinal knowledge of fixational eye drifts" in a talk at VSS 2021

  • 10/2022: "Spatiotemporal Content of Saccade Transients" published in Current Biology 2020.


Office: Meliora Hall 258, University of Rochester

Email: zzhao33@ur.rochester.edu


LinkedIn: zhetuo-zhao

lab website: APLab

GitHub: Zhetuo-Zhao