Dr. Zhanxing Zhu (朱占星)

@ Peking University (北京大学)

Welcome to my homepage!

I am now Assistant Professor at School of Mathematical Sciences, and Center for Data Science (大数据科学研究中心), Peking University (北京大学). I am closely affiliated with Deep Learning Lab of Peking University (北京大学深度学习实验室). Previously, I obtained my PhD in machine learning from School of Informatics of University of Edinburgh, UK.

My research interests cover methodology/theory of machine learning and artificial intelligence and their applications in various areas.

  1. Methodology/theory: deep learning, reinforcement learning, scalable optimization and Bayesian inference methods

  2. Applications: prediction problems in traffic, data-driven medical imaging, generative models and reinforcement learning for computer graphics and network security

Contact: Room 219, Jingyuan 6th Courtyard, Peking University, Beijing, 100871, China (北京大学静园6号院219)

Email: zhanxing.zhu AT pku.edu.cn

I am always looking for highly self-motivated students/researchers with strong math and/or coding background (preliminary knowledge) to work with me.

Group Members

  • Ph.D students: Bing Yu ( co-supervised with Prof. Weinan E), Yizheng Hu

  • MPhil students: Junzhao Zhang, Jin Ma.

  • Undergraduate: Pu Yang, Zehao Wang.


Introduction to Data Science (数据科学导引) 2019 Fall

Deep learning: advanced topics (高等深度学习) 2020 Spring

Academic Services


ACM CCS 2018 "Best Paper Finalist"

Alibaba DAMO Academy Young Fellow 2019 (阿里达摩院青橙奖) [Press 1][Press 2]

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" Only in silence the word, only in dark the light, only in dying life: bright the hawk's flight on the empty sky. "

— Ursula K. Le Guin (A Wizard of Earthsea)


Recently, I wrote a book in Chinese with several colleagues on the introduction to data science "数据科学导引". Welcome for all kinds of feedback!


  • Ju Xu (Master, 2020. now soft engineer @Alibaba)

  • Yuanjin Zhu (Master, 2020. now soft engineer @Alibaba)

  • Hantao Guo (Master, 2020. now soft engineer @Yuanfudao)

  • Ke Sun (Master, 2020. now Ph.D student @ U of Alberta)

  • Ruosi Wan (Master, 2019. now research scientist @ MEGVII)

  • Haoteng Yin (Master, 2019. now Ph.D student @ Purdue University)

  • Jingfeng Wu (Master, 2019. now Ph.D student @ John Hopkins University)

  • Zizhuo Zhang (Master, 2019)

  • Mengzhang Li (Master, 2019. Software Engineer@Canon Medical Systems (China))

  • Dinghuai Zhang (Bachelor, 2020. now Ph.D student @ Mila)

  • Tianyuan Zhang (Bachelor, 2020. now soft engineer @ByteDance)

  • Qianli Shen (Bachelor, 2020. now intern @Huawei)

  • Yunsong Lan (Bachelor, 2020. now teacher@Xueersi)