First-year PhD student

Computer Science

Brown University

Email: qian_zhang AT brown.edu


I am a first-year PhD student of Computer Science at Brown University, advised by James Tompkin.

I received my undergraduate degree from Huazhong University of Sci. & Tech. I have also spent time at NTU and NUS in Singapore, working with Pierre-Yves Laffont and Terence Sim.

My research interests are computer vision and graphics, specifically, the effective image model for post-editing.


Lighting Transfer across Multiple Views through Local Color Transforms

Qian Zhang, Pierre-Yves Laffont, Terence Sim

Computational Visual Media 2017 (SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 TechBrief)

pdf | supp | link | video

A Virtual Try-on System for Prescription Eyeglasses

Qian Zhang, Yu Guo, Pierre-Yves Laffont, Tobias Martin, and Markus Gross

IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications 2017

pdf | link | video

Histogram Equalization and Specification for High-dimensional Data Visualization using RadViz

Yan-Chao Wang, Qian Zhang, Feng Lin, Chi-Keong Goh, Xuan Wang, Hock-Soon Seah

Computer Graphics International 2017 Short Paper