❓ What are the treasure chests

Treasure chests are virtual objects that users hide for each other at the unusual street sights. Find other people's treasure chests, get rewards for them, and also create your own treasures!

❓ What treasure chests should I create

Check out our Creator Guideline https://sites.google.com/view/zestreality-creator-guidelines/

❓ Can I hide treasures at night

You can, but treasures created at night can be problematic to find in some cases. So daylight is the best.

❓ What kind of reward will I get if I find a treasure chest

In the treasure chests you can find crystals for artifacts and items for collections. All information about artifacts and collections is in your inventory.

❓ I'm standing next to the treasure chest, but the map shows that I am far away

Most likely, the phone has not yet had time to accurately determine your position by satellites. Try this:

1. close and reopen Zest;

2. turn GPS off and on again;

3. update Zest to the latest version;

4. check your position in Google maps.

If nothing helps connect with us: pavel@zestreality.com .

❓ I've found a hidden sight but the treasure chest cannot be taken (it is hidden in another place by mistake)

Check again if you have found the hidden sight correctly. If so, then the creator of this treasure chest might have GPS problems. In this case, you can leave a comment about it for the creator.

❓How can I hide treasure chest correctly

While hiding the treasure chest, check its real location with a map. If you hide a treasure chest in the wrong place you also can edit its location later. Just check "Edit location" in the menu of this treasure chest.

❓ Hidden sight with treasure chest is carried away, disappeared or closed

Use 'Report' item at the treasure chest's menu.