Welcome to ZestEd

Welcome to ZestEd Consulting

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I teach MYP5 Language Acquisition, co-teach MYP Individuals & Societies, and am the MYP5 Service/Advisory Coordinator in Bangkok, Thailand. I've also taught in Qingdao, China (MYP1-5 ELA) and San Antonio/Houston, Texas, USA.

I am an avid traveler and adventurer and love connecting with people around the world. Nothing inspires me more than working with students and seeing how far they will drive their own learning - if you put a little zest into their lessons.

I'll be sharing projects, resources, portions of curriculum, and my take on education today. Subscribe to stay up-to-date as things are added for educators and students!

Contact me when you're ready to revamp your curriculum, develop programs, or collaborate on your existing plans to bring student engagement, voice, and agency to their peak.

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