Nyarlathotep (King in Yellow)

The functions attached to individual ZS roles are determined by the Section and Group they fall under, although broadly speaking they all exist to help establish the foundation of a full-blown, future Zero State amidst difficult circumstances.

A very brief description of each Group's broad function can be found in the pages for Sections 1-4; i.e. Groups A-C (S1), D-F (S2), G-I (S3), J-L (S4).

The further role-description below is merely intended as a starting point, to be fleshed out by all who have some experience or contact with this role as ZS progresses. Please feel encouraged to explore the ideas and circumstances/developments, and have fun doing so.

  • Group A (REAL-VR; attached to S5)

Networked forums, for hosting simulcast media events & discussion.


The King in Yellow is the name of a demonic character from late 19th Century horror fiction. In the ZS context, “demons” are - as in the field of computing - processes that run in the background, ensuring a system’s smooth functioning without continuous user oversight. Within their teams, the ZS demons are essentially fixers, techies, and “nest builders”, developing operational frameworks and “safe spaces” for their teams.

Group (A) has a clear organizational function, but at the same time is perhaps populated by the strangest core ZSers (a title not easily won). On the pragmatic / functional level, Group A builds and promotes networked forums, i.e. cooperative and mutually supportive online presences for the development and encouragement of ZS views. The King in Yellow is personally focussed on development and propagation of a system known as Nyarly (cute-short for Nyarlathotep, the name of a dark messenger god from the works of H.P. Lovecraft), which automatically reaches out to form cooperative networks with other groups (or more specifically, their online presences).

On the personal (/weird) level, The King in Yellow is a creature of pure pop-cultural horror; A tall, faceless humanoid dressed in ragged yellow (or occasionally red) robes, straight from Chambers’ novel, Lovecraft, or indeed later phenomena such as The Slender Man. The purpose (if any) of this presentation is unknown.