The functions attached to individual ZS roles are determined by the Section and Group they fall under, although broadly speaking they all exist to help establish the foundation of a full-blown, future Zero State amidst difficult circumstances.

A very brief description of each Group's broad function can be found in the pages for Sections 1-4; i.e. Groups A-C (S1), D-F (S2), G-I (S3), J-L (S4).

The further role-description below is merely intended as a starting point, to be fleshed out by all who have some experience or contact with this role as ZS progresses. Please feel encouraged to explore the ideas and circumstances/developments, and have fun doing so.

  • Group B (REAL-AI; attached to S6)

PropBots; spreading viral video / adds / invites / likes etc via social media.


As part of Group B’s work on PropBots (Propaganda Bots), The Wolverine works on the “propaganda wing” of automated (software-based) defense. In specific terms, this is a subset of the PropBot project which encourages and prompts rapid cooperative reactions between ZS-affiliated groups in the manner of an “immune response”. To continue with that biological metaphor, imagine that one cell in a multi-cellular organism is being attacked by a virus. That cell can send out a signal to the larger organism calling for help, so the resources of other cells can be rapidly brought to bear on the virus. The cooperative support system must exist in advance, as must the capacity to transmit such a signal, but the final piece in the puzzle - i.e. Wolverine’s work - is evolution of a signal-system which will be as effective as possible.