The functions attached to individual ZS roles are determined by the Section and Group they fall under, although broadly speaking they all exist to help establish the foundation of a full-blown, future Zero State amidst difficult circumstances.

A very brief description of each Group's broad function can be found in the pages for Sections 1-4; i.e. Groups A-C (S1), D-F (S2), G-I (S3), J-L (S4).

The further role-description below is merely intended as a starting point, to be fleshed out by all who have some experience or contact with this role as ZS progresses. Please feel encouraged to explore the ideas and circumstances/developments, and have fun doing so.

  • Group D (DRUG-VR; attached to S5)

Unreal Estate; escape as commodity, selling virtual space and existence.


The Philosophus specialises in virtual space “outreach” (or indeed colonization) in online game worlds. Games which encourage personalization, social interaction, and/or trade in game currencies which can be exchanged with real world currencies are prioritised. The idea is to form outposts or factions which engage with the gameworld in good faith and on its own terms, but at the same time clearly present themselves as ZS. Success within the game increases ZS’ profile.