Anankes Atraktos

The functions attached to individual ZS roles are determined by the Section and Group they fall under, although broadly speaking they all exist to help establish the foundation of a full-blown, future Zero State amidst difficult circumstances.

A very brief description of each Group's broad function can be found in the pages for Sections 1-4; i.e. Groups A-C (S1), D-F (S2), G-I (S3), J-L (S4).

The further role-description below is merely intended as a starting point, to be fleshed out by all who have some experience or contact with this role as ZS progresses. Please feel encouraged to explore the ideas and circumstances/developments, and have fun doing so.

  • Group H (SHEN-AI; attached to S6)

D.B.D. (Defense Bots & Drones); analysis and application.


(The) Anankes Atraktos, or “Spindle of Necessity”, is focussed on bots (autonomous software) rather than hardware drones. More specifically, “The AA” (also known as “Autonomy & Accord”) deals with monitoring other systems within the ZS sphere of influence, to ensure that those systems are both being afforded the proper degree of autonomy, and are acting in accord not only with each other, but also with the ZS Principles & Protocols. As part of that responsibility, The AA is also concerned with encouraging cooperation between core ZSers (i.e. cross-team collaboration), and indexing/tagging efforts across ZS in a way that makes them easily accessible to other core ZSers.

At heart this is considered a defensive function, perhaps akin to an immune response, because if ZS’ different parts are not relating properly to each other then ZS itself would be vulnerable both from within and without. This function has strong parallels with a number of other core ZS roles, but AA is seen as the primary guardian of balance and proper function within the ZS infosphere, and in its “near abroad”.