Magister Templi

The functions attached to individual ZS roles are determined by the Section and Group they fall under, although broadly speaking they all exist to help establish the foundation of a full-blown, future Zero State amidst difficult circumstances.

A very brief description of each Group's broad function can be found in the pages for Sections 1-4; i.e. Groups A-C (S1), D-F (S2), G-I (S3), J-L (S4).

The further role-description below is merely intended as a starting point, to be fleshed out by all who have some experience or contact with this role as ZS progresses. Please feel encouraged to explore the ideas and circumstances/developments, and have fun doing so.

  • Group I (SHEN-OS; attached to S7)

S.T.A.R./R3; Strategic Threat Assessment Reponse / Rapid-Response-Reflex.


The Magister Templi (Master of the Temples) is concerned with building effective bridges between ZS on the one hand, and societal “Insiders & Elites” on the other. Growing ZS resources can be put at the disposal of these partners, insofar as their goals are in line with our own, and with the expectation that the favour will be repaid when a mutually agreeable opportunity should present itself.