First steps for all founding members:

Find the other members of your group who have bonded with their hosts, & start discussing:

(1) what you may or may not remember 
    (without forcing it unduly, as previously discussed).
(2) your team function, personal roles, and any intuitions
    as to how to begin approaching them.
(3) whether you know of any other hosts which may be suitable
    for ZSers still to arrive.

As part of your team, begin the establishment of a House, which is essentially a network / audience / community / organization fostered by the team over time. Future missions will focus on development of the Houses, but initially all that is required is for each team member to recruit a "mirror" - i.e. a subsidiary (non-dues-paying) member who wants to actively support ZS.

Thus each team of five Core House members will have a mirror group of five subsidiary members, all ten of whom (together with the Keys and other subsids, to come later) form the foundation of the House. The nature and identity of the House may be determined wholly by its members, as long as it is in accord with the Principles of Social Futurism.