-799 Einestiftung:

Dialectic, Synthesis, & Unity [S5-7]

-799.4 / Saturday 17 February 12018

Einestiftung: Dialectic, Synthesis, & Unity [Sections 5-7]

So far in this month's event ("Einestiftung") we have looked at the deepest philosophical underpinnings of ZS (conscious awareness, survival, and morality), and how those ideas give rise to our most fundamental Principles. From there, we will now examine the critical fulcrum or bridge between those "higher" (abstract, idealist) concerns, and the "lower" concerns of pragmatism.


That bridge is the idea of practical, effective Unity Through Principle

which is composed of five elements known as the BASIS.

In each of the five sections below, there are two parts; labelled "THEORY" and "ORGANIZATION". The first part outlines the basic logic of the section, and the second gives details of the specific organizational facets or channels within ZS which translate those ideas into practical reality.



Within ZS, "Blackstar" (★) is the name most commonly given to the Technological Singularity which transforms human civilization around the middle of the 21st Century, as is explained at http://zerostate.net. ★ is considered to be the founding event and principle of the Zero State. It represents the conquest of dumb matter by consciousness and intelligence, allowing those who choose life and growth to survive and push beyond all limits to fulfill their utmost potential.

Within the BASIS framework:

★ is a kind of baseline or point of reference, by which all ideas, actions, and outcomes are judged.

★ necessarily entails massive, utterly transformative technological change, which we must harness to positive effect if we are to survive and prosper.

All of our Principles necessarily derive from, and return to ★.

If our ideas and actions are not in accord with those Principles, then we are no longer part of the Social Futurist community.


On an organizational level, ★ is represented by a single channel, known as Call for Directive, as described at http://fractal-law.zerostate.net.

Call for Directive may be made by any recognized member of the twelve Houses of the Zero State, via email to directive@zerostate.net.

(Alternatively, you may email channel1@socialfuture.institute)



Autonomy & Accord (AA) is the "Operating System" at the heart of Social Futurism and the Zero State. In essence, AA is the idea that people, organizations and communities which hold the SF Principles in common can co-exist and cooperate peaceably while still maintaining their own identities. "Autonomy" refers to that sovereignty within a Principled, cooperative network, and "Accord" refers both to peaceful cooperation between network members, and the necessary adherence to Principle by all such members.

AA is a kind of Federalist system, which pointedly does not reduce its component parts to a homogenous mass, but which does offer the potential strength and opportunities of a large group united in solidarity under one ideal. Clearly the SF Principles are the glue which binds the network together, and any aggressive outsider or "rogue" internal element would have to contend with all of the Principled network nodes working together to fiercely defend the community of common interest.


In addition to acting as a uniting, inclusivist focus, our Principles also form the necessary basis for a system of DIALECTIC, whereby opposing or contrasting views are iteratively resolved in a SYNTHESIS, and judged in terms of their compatibility with that inclusivist UNITY.


As an organizational structure or channel, AA might be considered the foundation of a service devoted to facilitating Resolutions on matters of Principle, and otherwise arbitrating disputes between different entities within Social Futurism. As such, AA can not "belong" to any of the Twelve Houses, but must represent all of them equally.

Calls for Resolution or Arbitration may be made by any recognized member of the twelve Houses of the Zero State, via email to resolution@zerostate.net.

(Alternatively, you may email channel2@socialfuture.institute)

3. SECURITY services


The "backbone" of ZS (and indeed any Social Futurist community) is the ability to regulate and defend that community, as and when necessary. This may sound "authoritarian" or "militant" in some vaguely-defined negative way to some, but two simple facts must be considered:

  • Defending one's own well-defined life and space is not in any way intrinsically authoritarian.
  • It is a common strategy to imply authoritarianism, as justification, before attacking or exploiting someone.

We will not be cowed. We will stand up for ourselves, and those we care for. This means Principled, organized preparedness to defend any and all aspects of the Social Futurist community.


ZS' security functions are managed by (MetaHouses) The Foundation and The Beast.

Requests for assistance in all matters relevant to security may be made by any recognized member of the twelve Houses of the Zero State, via email to security@zerostate.net.

(Alternatively, you may email channel3@socialfuture.institute)



Within ZS, Initiative is broadly synonymous with trade and/or production, which is to say the creation and sharing of new, valuable things for the benefit of the community, yourself as part of that community, and anyone who trades with the community. Most fundamentally, the idea is that you thrive by virtue of being part of a supportive community, and that part of your prosperity must then rightly be given back to that community, so that it may also thrive.

That idea of both serving and benefiting from your community is known as The Imperative. If you are a true member of the community then serving it and its citizens is your Imperative, and in turn its Imperative is to serve you. In other words, production and trade must be to the benefit of all involved, thereby strengthening connections between community members, rather than benefiting one individual or group at the expense of others.


The management of all matters of Initiative at the highest level within ZS, such as clarification of Principle with regard to proper trade & tithe procedures, is handled by a group that is itself known as The Imperative.

Requests for information and/or assistance may be made by any recognized member of the twelve Houses of the Zero State, via email to imperative@zerostate.net.

(Alternatively, you may email channel4@socialfuture.institute)

5. SUPPORT services


Finally, beyond the realms of Principle (i.e. Autonomy & Accord), Security, and Initiative, there is a greater Realm of networked connections which support those who would partake of our community. There are naturally any number of degrees to, and ways in which you might be affiliated with any Social Futurist community, but all hold in common a commitment to the community itself. If you are one of us, then we will always be there for you.

In practice, that means that SF communities extend "tendrils" out into the wider world, searching out the light and life of like-minded others. Seeking people who could be helped by the community, and who in turn could help the community.


For information and/or assistance in any matter relevant to ZS & Social Futurist mutual aid networking, any recognized member of a ZS House may contact Support services: support@zerostate.net.

(Alternatively, you may email channel5@socialfuture.institute)

SECTIONS 5, 6, & 7

Section 5, Section 6, and Section 7 are organizations within ZS which coordinate the activities of the six MetaHouses (and the twelve Houses that constitute them). All three of these "upper" Sections have connections with multiple Houses, creating a kind of cooperative web spanning the entirety of ZS.

Section 5 is focused on VR (broadly construed as including all immersive technologies, paradigms, and environments) and ZS' Internal Affairs, with particular regard to the matters of Principle described in the BASIS framework, above. Section 5 is therefore the group most responsible for developing and maintaining ZS' internal structure in accord with Social Futurist ideals.

To contact Section 5, you can send an email to section5@zerostate.net.

Section 6 is conversely concerned with AI (/AGI), automation more generally, and External Relations with other entities of all types (i.e. non-SF ideas, people, groups, organizations, and so on).

To contact Section 6, you can send an email to section6@zerostate.net.

Section 7 is dedicated to OS/UX technologies and paradigms, which is to say the bridge between the deepest underpinnings or substrates of ZS on the one hand, and its Citizens on the other. Most broadly then, Section 7 is concerned with ensuring that ZS' highest and most abstract ideals are reliably translated into structures and activity which give rise to effective outcomes. If Section 5 operates the BASIS, and Section 6 works in the realm beyond BASIS and ZS' boundaries, then Section 7 connects the entire BASIS framework and its organizational structures to the deepest philosophical truths which define us and our mission.

To contact Section 7, you can send an email to section7@zerostate.net.