Home visits

Home visits and out of office services...

Is your schedule tightly packed? Is it difficult for you to leave your home? Or are there other barriers to seeking therapy?

One of the services I provide is the option for me to meet you at home for individual therapy, attachment-focused EMDR, and/or NeurOptimal Neurofeedback ®. This not only adds convenience to you, but also saves you time and energy.

This opportunity can be extremely helpful for individuals who experience:

    • Isolation related to professional life.
    • Distress related to leaving one’s home (e.g., agoraphobia, severe depression and anxiety).
    • Hoarding, excessive clutter.
    • Difficulty leaving one's home for reasons related to disabilities and other health concerns.
    • Time constraints

**Additional fees related to time and travel will be discussed prior to providing this service as well as issues related to confidentiality.