About The Artist

I create ocean & marine life inspired artwork...with a twist!

The unique touch of liquid 14K gold leafing breathes new life

into all of my artwork and a touch of flair, and any place where it is hung: from the home to the office! It reminds me that life is "As good as gold!"

I really enjoy reating pen and ink ocean images combined with watercolor backgrounds that can be functional and wearable art as well.

Running Zensible Art Studio means a great deal to me because it has taught me to heal from trauma endured in the military in ways I never thought I could.

As an avenue for good health, I think everyone should have the opportunity to

create freely, dream big, and invite some Zen+Sensible (Zensible) into their lives.

~Stacy & Luna Pup aka Instagram's @KaleaLuna the Service Dog

The motion of the ocean....

it soothes me, inspires me, and exercises my body & mind.

What does it do for you? I can remember being a young kid in Huntington Beach, CA borrowing the local's surfboards and spending my after school days in the ocean. I've always been drawn to the ocean, it's calm and serene one moment and the next it's angry and unpridictable. I used to freak my mother out by sitting at the bottom of my grandparents swimming pool just staring up at the reflections of the water for a few minutes and wishing I was a sea turtle or a whale.

Why you ask? Well these marine animals can hold their breath for hours and swim under the light for miles!

Well this is as close as I can get to being one, painting sea turtles and whales among beautiful waves and

the glassy sheen of my resin art completes my personal ocean world. I'm a wife of 25 yrs+ , mother to 5 kids and

when I'm not in the studio creating I'm playing with my dogs at the dog beach and going SUPing with friends!

With my artwork I love to share not only the beauty of our oceans and all it's creatures but to be an advocate for ocean education & conservation.

I want my children and future generations to be able to know the glory and the power behind our oceans and the life it gives to our world.


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