Miao Zhang

Personal Profile

张 淼

Zhang, Miao


PhD Student

Department of Linguistics, University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Email: miaozhan#at#buffalo.edu (Replace #at# with @)

Office: 444 Baldy Hall

Research Interests

I'm a phonetician in training. My research interest lies in exploring the phonetic (acoustic and articulatory) correlates of information structure, a.k.a., the pragmatic-phonetic interface. I am currently interested in the question as to whether phonetic realization of abstract linguistic unit is directly influenced by information structure or is mediated by prosody. I'm looking to investigate the articulatory gestures of unstressed syllables in vicinity of accented syllables.

Apart from phonetics, I have also developed an interest in teaching language as second/foreign languages. I am interested in teaching Japanese/Chinese as a foreign language, where in-classroom instruction constitutes the main input. I'm currently involved in teaching Chinese 101/104 in Linguistics department at UB.

Keywords: Phonetics, Laboratory Phonology, Speech Production, Information Structure, Prosody