Why Is Education So Important?

Education is the entire mission of The Zeitgeist Movement. If we can collaborate on research and inform one another about the possible options, then we can use our shared values to meet our shared intentions. We can not change the laws of nature, but we can optimize our resources by using the laws of nature intelligently.

Without education, reforms can only be made by force, but since we do not advocate fascism, education is the necessary path for humanity to "be the change" willingly from a place of empowered awareness and free choice. Ignorance is the secret weapon of oppressors, but conscious people are able to equip themselves to self-govern and effect lasting sustainable systems for open participation and equal benefit by all. Money, politics, and belief systems are designed for herding the ignorant, but education makes these controls all obsolete and un-helpful. This is what makes TZM different than past failed ideas.

We are not speaking only about going to institutional schools, but about our individual habits of seeking out relevant information and critical thinking skills that equip us to recognize and reject fallacies while establishing realistic ideas that build on scientific discoveries. The construction of a workable Resource Based Economy will require informed leadership from all of us working together by free choice on the basis of shared knowledge, so let's get started!

The purpose of this portion of the website will be to help organize some of the most critical information that members and coordinators will need to empower themselves and speak intelligently about core principles and philosophies of the movement. Certain key concepts are essential if we are to learn how to govern ourselves and manage global resources without the baby-sitting of state governance and market controls. Please help us collect and curate the best material for both new and advanced members of the movement.

Delegative ("Liquid") Democracy is any of several variations where individuals can choose to direct-vote personally or loan their voting power to trusted representatives. Popular versions use blockchain security and open source software to enable accountable security and transparency. In a delegative democracy, all voters can be equal as individuals, but power is granted only to the most trusted leaders as chosen by the people. Several governments and companies have used delegative democracy for internal decision making, and the results have been hopeful. We are optimistic that delegative proxy governance can become the user interface of an automated Natural Law/Resource-Based Economy. Several informative resources have been listed in this segment. For a page of informational resources about the concept, click here.

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Integral Theory & Spiral Dynamics: