A small online meetup for complicated patients.

Are you a complicated patient who makes your doctors' eyes twitch? Are you interested in meeting up with people who "get it", but never seem to be able to make it out of the house to a support group? Do the bigger disease-focused support groups feel impersonal and only partially meet your needs? If these things ring true for you, you're not alone.

Whether you call yourself a spoonie or zebra or unicorn or something else entirely, please join us on a 1 hour peer support group using Zoom.

Join from bed, or a recliner, or wherever you happen to be comfortable. The starting format is simple. We'll share our brief backgrounds, and each talk about our highlights and challenges for the week, and goals for the upcoming week. From there, it's all about what the group wants to do to support one another.

Share as much or as little as you like. What happens in our chat stays in our chat. If it helps, keep coming back.

Join us in a session to try it out.