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Zapable White Label Review Quickly if you're interested in selling mobile apps to clients and want to add additional recurring streams of income for very little effort you should definitely consider our white label license package where you can give client login details under your ground notes apple and the ability to send push notifications charge a nice recurring fee and the best part is you got to do all this for doing very little extra work push notifications are one of the easiest of cells to jamming with hands-free caring and come from a client to Let's jump over the computer and I'll show you fight easy it is the shop that's inside your cell phone account has been the most complete enterprise-level solution you ever need when it comes to stop codon I'm just really cool options which I'm just going to show you it's actually incredible so if you look at the screen I'm just going to walk you through each step so you can actually customize what year r l tropical shoes on to this is actually showing it on a different to me like we do you say this I'm going to login see up here I'm just going to login it's on my own two men missing if you want to start showing times so you may be thinking okay that's pretty cool but I'm only just getting started with you see what else I can do so let's just pop back and watch this customize my editor you can change the local the fabric on all the colors you can actually design any way you walked so I'm just going to change the logo real quick here new logo is added biscuit okay and then I'll maybe change the background color I can change the text color I can change him say it's all changing the way I want look at all this see the way I can change you can set this up anyway you want the choice is yours all easy super customizable okay and then whenever I accident it will see if I got to go back and

let me refresh and burn that you see my new logo my new colors done the way I want but that's not all that is not all I have even more to show you left say I want to add a user to an app to for this example I'm just going to put example chalkable stoppable. Calm I'm going to have to enter password I'm a keep note of this I'm going to selected as manager okay I will see this I'm going to check and see if no I'm going to show you something completely awesome shooting range near but watch this I'm going to check it out it and I'm just going to give this person access to one up so let's say I build an app for a client I can actually give them access to that up in my own daughter so I'm just going to drive to school and I'm going to just login again to the white table area to explore guide that's login with these new details I'm there you go there's just the one up that I give them access to where they can go in and they can manage it but the top is not all when I said this is the best Enterprise white label solution I melted a witty see this let's just go to the pwa Creator activate pwa I'm activated yet for this so you can able person applications if you want but this is what is Amy isn't okay watch this right and i p w rounded on this topic will talk to you or the white nipple area that you set up under your own company's name but here is the best part you can actually change this to it is branded who you're trying to scam or two whatever website near you want. It's right I'm not only that we are going to do it for you so all you need to do is contact us for your very special and support neck and we will set this up for you and whatever do me in you want whatever be your clients or whatever be your own website we're going to be some of the listing for you special offer going on right now we can't keep it up this price for long but we've shown you here takes up an incredible amount of resources the prices are for a reason so at this very moment it really is a first-come-first-serve basis with the pro we're offering right on ahead and Thrive your white label version of Google