Personal Property Valuation

Just because you saw an antique dresser on a television program being valued at $5,000, doesn't mean your 50-year-old dresser is worth the same. Get a Certified Appraisers Guild of America personal property appraiser to help determine the market value of your particular item(s).

Don't make the mistake of choosing a personal property appraiser just because their price quote is the lowest. Remember, you get what you pay for, so pay for integrity, accuracy, quality and experience by choosing us to do your appraisal related services.

Unlike estate auctioneers and resale dealers, we are disinterested appraisal professionals, and have no desire to purchase or profit from your items. Our service is focused on providing a third-party, independent accurate valuation. The service typically involves an on-site examination, then in-office research, and finally the production of a written report.

We Serve Attorneys, Executors, Insurance Companies and Private Individuals.