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What is City of Scrap?

City of Scrap is a 2D exploration and combat based game set in a ruined city overrun by rogue robots. You play as Scrap, a modular combat robot sent to the city to discover the root of the problem and deal with the malfunctioning robots.


  • 2 Unique Areas to Explore

  • A Variety of Upgrades to Find Hidden Throughout the World

  • 2 Devilish Bosses to Dismantle

  • 6 Enemies to Shred to Pieces

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City of Scrap was developed by Team Punkbot. We utilized Unity for development and Aseprite for pixel art. My contributions to the development of this project include Gameplay Design, parts of HUD Design, Player Character Art, and Environmental Art. I'm also responsible for the Level Design of the Sewer area.

City of Scrap was released in late May of 2020 as a demo. The content available on release gives a well-rounded impression of what a full-scale, commercial version of the game might look like.