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Hello! I'm Zane Brewer, and I make games and pixel art.

Since 2014, I've been creating games as an independent developer under the pseudonym GogglesKitty. I have developed and released 2 independent games, 6 games for assorted game jams, and more than a dozen college projects, most of which can be found here!

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Independent Games

My full-scale independently developed game projects.

(July 2017 - May 2018)

SwordBounce is a linear pixel art puzzle platformer in which you find a mystical sword you can use to bounce on the obstacles in your path.

This is my first game available for purchase on Steam, and since launch, has seen rave reviews:

"I fully recommend this game as a MUST play for any hardcore gaming fan out there. Polished. Tight controls. Minimalist yet appealing graphics." -horheristo

"The progression is smooth, the level design is well thought out, the aesthetic is nice, and most importantly, the controls/mechanics are precise and fun." -Uzzbuzz

Game Jam Games

My most recent games made for a game jam!

(April 2021)

Developed in just 72 hours for Ludum Dare 48, themed "Deeper and Deeper."

Received 138th place (4.09/5) Overall and 117th place (4.44/5) in "Graphics" out of around 2000 entries!

Downward Frog is a game about a toy frog falling into a pool drain and all of the things it finds down there.

College Projects

These are some of the projects I worked on to earn my degree in Game Design.

(August 2019 - May 2020) (Design, Environment & Character Art)

City of Scrap is a 2D exploration and combat based game set in a ruined city overrun by rogue robots. You play as Scrap, a modular combat robot sent to the city to discover the root of the problem and deal with the malfunctioning robots.

City of Scrap was developed for my Capstone Game Design Course in a team of three.

Bounty Star Fitness is an Arcade style Shoot-em-up with a straightforward fitness workout tie-in. By choosing and completing one of the workouts provided, players earn Energy in-game. Energy allows them to take on bounties which reward them with Pips, and Pips allow them to purchase new ship parts from the shop.

This prototype was created in Unity over the course of two weeks. The goal for this project was to try to integrate fitness into a prototype that could be used as a training companion while getting fit.

(Fall 2019)

Blood and Glass is a text-based "adventure game" or short visual novel. It's a space western that follows an interview between a reporter and a renowned mining company CEO.

This project was developed using Fungus, a text asset plugin for Unity.

In planning for this assignment and the ones that led up to it, we used articy:draft 3 as a class to plan out the world that our individual adventure games would be based on.

(January 2019 - May 2019)

Spring 2019 Prototype Collection is a collection of 4 prototypes developed for my prototyping course. We had several weeks to put together a themed prototype and then present it to the class.

Each prototype was developed in Unity utilizing C# and Visual Studio.

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Additional Games

These are some of my older personal projects and game jam games, so they may not be fully representative of my current skill and abilities.

(December 2016)

Developed for Ludum Dare 37, themed "One Room."

Received 23rd place (4.08/5) Overall and 20th place (4.08/5) in "Fun" out of 900 entries!

(April 2016)

Developed for Ludum Dare 35, themed "Shapeshift."

(December 2015)

Developed for Ludum Dare 34, themed "Two Button Controls/Growing."

(April 2015)

Developed for PermaDeathJam, a Game Jam themed around the concept of permanently losing.

(March 2015)

Developed for Mini Ludum Dare 58, themed "PONG."

(December 2014 - March 2015)

Wanderer is a short ambient adventure game with a few simple puzzles.

This was the first independent project I released publicly.

This list of projects isn't quite comprehensive! All of my publicly available projects can be found using the link above.