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At Volunteer Encounter, we are dedicated to both wildlife conservation and community development and we are committed to making a difference in Africa, one volunteer project at a time. Our purpose, your purpose.

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The Luangwa Lake is just one of the greatest tributaries of the Zambezi River, also among the four largest lakes in Zambia. Surprisingly, it's largely unaffected by guy - there is not any industrial agriculture because of its banks, zero parts of this river have been dammed and there's little/no pollution issue. The outcome is a really natural and untouched river, deep inside the southern countryside where organic seasonal changes of water (flood through the vision of crispy river bed at the dry season) could be seen with teaming wildlife through an African adventure vacation.

The river is so ordinary that oxbow lakes have been scattered throughout the valley from where the river route has transformed with the flooding. Through time river facet camps and lodges have needed to move. Here the lake is king!

A massive number of games are available here because Zambia remains mostly untouched from the tourist rush. Healthy and massive populations of herbivores feed predators such as lion, hyenas and predator. In reality that a BBC documentary indicates a mean density of a single leopard per 2.5km2 - double the density listed in Kruger, South Africa

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Volunteering Projects In Zambia

Zambian water drops are one of the biggest and loveliest on earth. A lot of Zambian water drops are well off the beaten path. According to the National Monuments of Zambia, a few "are just to be attained by Land-rover on hard county, others just on foot".

So, Zambia provides Volunteer in Zambia a few of those breathtakingly beautiful Water drops.

The Mighty Zambezi River is among the numerous rivers. Although Zambia is a land locked country, she's been blessed with all these rivers. What are a few of those rivers? Obviously, topping the record is your Mighty Zambezi River!

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Lusaka is the capital of Zambia and the funds comes with an range of clubs, restaurants, and cinemas. The town is a mixture of skyscrapers, malls and historical colonial buildings.

The Kabwata Cultural Village that maintains native crafts and arts and showcases the standard dance is part of Lusaka.

There are lots of national parks in Zambia and Kafue national park is among the most well-known parks in Zambia. Kafue national park is found in the middle area, at the southern region of Zambia. The park covers a huge area and is a 2nd biggest park, in the whole world. A gorgeous park, Kafue national park has been split from the Kafue River. The river enables many to indulge in fishing. There are myriad wildlife species at the park

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