Game Information

Canvas is a local-multiplayer competitive top-down party rhythm game that involves territorial control and teamwork.

The aim of Canvas is to paint as much of the board as possible, therefore gaining the most number of points. However, following the rhythm of the current song in the background track will provide more points.

When two different colours of paint collide, they mix together, and count as points for both players.

However, if a third player of a different colour were to paint over this mixed paint, the colour would become black, and therefore unusable to all players.

Mixing paint with an opposing player will also generate charge towards your "final ability": an ability which can completely change a game's events. Shown below is Player 2 (Green), who is using their Burst Shot Ultimate, an ability which splatters a large amount of paint around each player. Notice the splatter of paint around both players.

There is a large skill ceiling for players of Canvas; currently there are 5 selectable "shot types", and more are to come in future. Each shot type has a completely different style of play, and can make for some unique and interesting gameplay.

Furthermore, the game currently has 7 selectable songs, all of which play differently, and can take skill to master.