Researcher in computer vision

GREYC, 6 Bd du Maréchal Juin, 14050 Caen Cedex, France

Tel: +33 2 31 45 54 52

@: yvain.queau -at-

Short Bio

Since November 2018 I am a CNRS researcher in GREYC laboratory (UMR CNRS 6072), university of Caen, France. Before that I've been a research and teaching assistant in INP-ENSEEIHT, University of Toulouse, where I obtained the Ph.D degree in 2015 ; then a post-doc in TU Munich (Daniel Cremer's lab) ; and then an associate professor with L@bIsen Yncréa Ouest (Brest, France).

My Ph.D dissertation is entitled "Reconstruction tridimensionnelle par stéréophotométrie" (3D-reconstruction by photometric stereo), and can be found here. I received the "Leopold Escande prize" from INP for this dissertation. A short English overview is provided here.

My primary research interest is variational methods for inverse problems in signal and image processing. During the past few years, I've been more specifically tackling computer vision problems such as 3D-reconstruction and reflectance estimation, using photometric techniques such as shape-from-shading and photometric stereo. Now I am willing to use the expertise I gained on variational methods for solving other signal, image and vision problems.

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