Baha Mar Resort Website

Mission Statement

The Baha Mar Hotel & Casino is a 1,000 room hotel that incorporates the largest casino in the Caribbean. The resort is also comprised of key hotel brands including Rosewood, Grand Hyatt, and Mondrian.

The goal was to create an online experience that immerses the user into the Baha Mar resort from their first arrival to the site. The website should facilitate guest engagement through each of the five stages of vacation travel from Dream, Plan, Book, Experience, to Share.

As the Lead UX designer for the project, my responsibilities were

  • Research & UX Strategy

Participated in user research, competitor analysis, and best practices to inform UX strategy for the website.

Based on the UX strategy, proposed three concepts and alternative experiences.

  • Features & Functionalities

Defined features and functionalities for multiple phases based on business value and user value.

  • Wireframes of Booking Flow

Created wireframes of the framework and interaction models as well as the booking flow for the website.

  • Concepts for Future Website

Directed both UX and Visual concepts for future phases of the website. Presented to senior stockholders in person.

The team includes other 2 UX designers, 2 visual designers, and 1 project manager .


40% increase in online reservations

Research & UX Strategy


To deliver on what each unique user needs, we had to understand what people want from first. We decided to devise some basic archetypes by asking questions below.


  • What motivates people to come to the site?

  • How can we address the areas of opportunity?

  • How can we mitigate the potential pain points?

  • How can we design unique user journeys?

Competitor Analysis

Based on competitor analysis, we would be able to learn from their successes and failures and identify areas of opportunity. It would help us to set a benchmark to push further and improve upon what already exists.

Competitor Analysis covers

  • Cross-brand Integration

  • Booking

  • Room Results

  • Social Media Integration

Summary of things to consider

  • Integrate partner hotel brands in a consistent manner for a seamless web experience

  • Ensure that booking and key navigational items are easily accessible at all times

  • Set user expectations early by being transparent about the required booking steps

  • Utilize white space effectively for clean layouts and content display

  • Allow users to filter and find content easily for individual preferences

  • Provide more immersive ways for users to browse the resort and hotel rooms

  • Empower users to engage and share on their social networks for earned media

Summary of things to avoid

  • Disparate brand identities

  • Cluttered web layouts and interfaces

  • Manual form entry from users where smart detection techniques may be utilized

  • The display of unavailable hotel rooms

  • The use of the same or similar color treatment for different call-to-actions

Best Practices

To help inform the approach of the redesign, we took a look at innovative designs and interaction techniques used around the web. By not limiting ourselves to the direct competitor landscape, we were able to find a greater range of best practices that would establish a more user-centric foundation to guide all future efforts.

UX Best Practices Categories

  • Framework & Navigation

  • Web Layouts

  • Interactive Elements

  • Search & Discovery

  • Social Experiences

  • Responsive Design

5 Stages of the Customer Journey

Standalone Innovations

For to evolve over time, we ideated on standalone innovations that could be launched iteratively through a phased approach once the core site is developed. We’ve created some high-level wireframes that map to the 5 stages of the customer journey, and asked the questions below.


  • How can we excite and motivate users to book travel?

  • How can we assist and delight travelers throughout the five stages of their vacation travel?

  • How can we allow for more customization?

  • How can we leverage mobile to provide value?


We assessed the current site architecture and ideated on ways to enhance site navigation and usability with a new framework. We also focused on creating a captivating landing experience, but more importantly an exceptional booking flow while considering today’s interaction models. When going through the process of designing the
key pages, we asked questions below.


  • How can we out-innovate others in the same space?

  • How can we inspire and excite consumers to book a trip?

  • How can we guide consumers through the booking process?

  • How can we best represent the multiple hotel brand offerings from Baha Mar?

UX Design Process

Features & Functionalities Matrix

After the research and connecting phase, we gathered the business requirements and users’ needs based on the archetypes, competitor analysis, best practices, and concepts evaluation to inform the features & functionalities matrix for updated and future phases.

The updated UX phase was to focus on creating wireframes of booking flows for rooms, flights and possible scenarios.

Wireframes Categories

  • Framework and Interaction Models

  • Booking Room Flow

  • Booking Flights Flow

  • Adding Services from Confirmation Page

  • Booking Multiple Rooms

  • Booking Multiple Rooms and Adding Flights

  • Member Pages and Registration Flow

  • Hotel pages and Hotel Room Details page

The most challenging task of this phase was to book multiple rooms, flights and add extra services.