Yungshin Jang


I am currently a Senior Deputy Director at the Korea Fair Trade Commission (KFTC), which is a competition authority in Korea.

My PhD in Economics was conferred in May 2017 at Michigan State University. Before I joined the PhD program, I had worked for the KFTC for ten years. After I completed my degree, I returned back to the KFTC and have been working to date as a Senior Deputy Director at Market Structure Policy Bureau.

My research interests include Industrial Organization, Law and Economics, and Applied Microeconomics. They primarily lie in anti-trust issues such as cartels, mergers, unfair practices of firms with dominant market powers, and consumer protection.

I am also interested in extending my research areas to various topics such as pro-job, pro-innovation, or pro-growth competition policies; inequality or wage gap issues associated with economic concentration; and anti-trust issues in regulated industries such as media, information, and telecommunication including network neutrality and price cap regulation.

I will be available for interviews at 2019 ASSA Annual Meeting in Atlanta.