Logic workshop in Nanjing

Nanjing University, 11 -30 May, 2020

Description: The 3-week long workshop is intended to bring mathematical logicians together to work intensively. This is nothing like a conference. Talks will be arranged occasionally each week during the workshop. The participants are expected to have some specific topics to work together about one or two weeks. We will fully cover accommodations of participants. Other people who can get support from other sources are also welcome. This year the topic will be focused on applied model theory, interactions between set theory and recursion theory.

Schedule: Model theory: 11-15 May; Set theory: 18-23 May; Recursion theory: 18-29 May.

We also plan to organize a 3-day long sub-workshop from 21-23 May.

Confirmed participants (to be updated): Jizhan Hong (HQU, 14-16), Wei Li(CAS, 10-16), Isaac Gloldbring (Irvine), Will Johnson (Fudan, 10-16), Shichang Song (BJTU, 10-16) , Ningyuan Yao (Fudan, 10-16), Jinhe Ye (Notre Dame, 10-16); Qi Feng (CAS, 20-24), Zhaokuan Hao (Fudan, 21-24), Renlin Jin (Charleston, 20-24), Yinhe Peng (CAS, 17-24), Ralf Schindler (Münster,16-23), Guozhen Shen (CAS, 20-24), Xianghui Shi (BNU, 17-24), Hugh Woodin (Harvard, 17-24), Liuzhen Wu (CAS, 17-23), Jiachen Yuan (NKU, 20-24); George Barmpalias (CAS,17-30), CT Chong (NUS, 20-24) , Nan Fang (CAS, 17-30), Takayuki Kihara (Nagoya, 19-28), Benoit Monin (Créteil,17-28), Cheng Peng (NKU, 20-24), Yue Yang (NUS, 20-24), Hongyuan Yu (JSU).

Accommodation: All the invited participants will stay in the main building of New Era Hotel.

Organizers: Yong Liu, Shichang Song, Ningyuan Yao, Liang Yu.

Transportations to the New Era Hotel:

Acknowledgement: Jiangsu Provincial Advantage Fund, NSF of China, Nanjing University, Math dept.