I am a professor in Nanjing University. My major research interests are recursion theory (also called computability theory), set theory and algorithmic randomness theory.

Phone: +86-25-83686432

Email: yuliang.nju@gmail.com

Office: MMW building 1110-4

Mailing Address:

Mathematical Department,

Nanjing University,

Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province 210093,

P. R. of China

Current master students: None.

For students who want to choose me as a mentor, it is strongly recommended that you take my logical course (either in math or computer science department) first so that we can make the right decision.

Master students supervised:

  • Yabang Song, graduated in 2008 (Now at China Mobile).

  • Yunjiang Cao, graduated in 2018 (Now at Agricultural Bank of China)

  • Ruofei Xie, (Now at Victoria University of Wellington, NZ)

  • Xiuyuan Sun, graduated in 2019, (Now at University of Münster, Germany)

Job opening in Nanjing University(New).

Funding opportunity for Germany researchers. (I am in the host list and would be happy to be a host).

Logic workshop in Nanjing 2020 is cancelled!

Online logic seminars (a collection of many online logic seminars in the world).

Logic talks online.