Research Projects

  1. "Against Naturalization: Zainichi Koreans and Overseas Chinese in Japan"
    My dissertation project seeks to explain why permanent immigrants in Japan refused to acquire Japanese citizenship even when they were born and raised there. I hypothesize that their home country attachment through diasporic organizations affects their propensity to naturalize.

  2. "Immigrant Incorporation in Comparative Perspectives"
    A interdisciplinary team project with Professors Ilana Akresh (co-PI, Sociology), Matthew Winters (PI, Political Science), and Cara Wong (co-PI, Political Science). We argue that the object of study in migration studies is not clear as desired, and proposed a typology of individuals comprising and associated with migrant populations.

Working Papers

  • "Against Naturalization: Nationalism and Citizenship Acquisition of Zainichi Koreans in Japan" (Presented at USC in 2020)

  • "National Socialization and National Identity: The Effect of National Curriculum on Identity in Taiwan"

  • "Do Citizens Ever Listen to the Incumbents?" (co-authored) (under review)

  • "Multilingualism and Attitudes Toward the Out-Group"

  • "Intergroup Contact and Public Attitude toward ‘Outsiders'" (Presented at MPSA in 2017)