Glass Research Group

Yildiz Technical University

Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Welcome to the YTU Glass Research Group, a dynamic and pioneering research group within the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering at Yildiz Technical University. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Miray Çelikbilek Ersundu and Dr. Ali Erçin Ersundu, our group is dedicated to advancing the realms of glass science and engineering through rigorous research and exploration.

At our core, we specialize in delving into the fundamental and applied facets of glass, unraveling its mysteries and harnessing its potential for transformative applications. Our multifaceted research delves into a diverse array of glass systems, including tellurite, antimonite, silicate, and phosphate compositions. These explorations serve as the bedrock for a wide spectrum of functional innovations, spanning domains such as energy, environment, and cutting-edge communication systems.

Our quest extends to the frontiers of glass innovation. We delve into the depths of heavy metal oxide glasses, uncovering their hidden potential as transparent large band gap semiconductors. Our exploration branches further to encompass sol-gel-based functional thin films, encompassing remarkable attributes like thermochromic behavior, anti-reflective prowess, and self-cleaning capabilities. Radiation shielding glasses, chemically strengthened ultra-thin glass, and luminous solar concentrators all fall within our purview, as does our pioneering work with lanthanide and quantum dot-doped glasses, igniting new pathways in LEDs, optical temperature sensing, and anti-counterfeiting applications. Our imprint is also felt in the captivating realms of 3D displays, solar applications, including Agri PV initiatives, and beyond.

Embedded within our philosophy is an unwavering commitment to fostering a nurturing ecosystem. We believe that within an inspiring community, each member can flourish and achieve their utmost potential while uncovering the mysteries of the universe through a scientific lens.

Our overarching objective is to catalyze originality and innovation within the glass science and engineering landscape. Through pioneering advancements and meticulous refinements, we aim to forge novel glasses and glass-ceramics endowed with unprecedented functionalities.

We invite you to explore our research pages, a testament to our ceaseless quest for knowledge and advancement. Should you have any questions or thoughts, we welcome you to engage with Dr. Miray Çelikbilek Ersundu and Dr. Ali Erçin Ersundu, visionary leaders at the helm of our transformative journey.