Young Topologists Meeting 2020

Young Topologists Meeting 2020

KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Stockholm University

July 6-10, 2020

The Young Topologists Meeting (YTM) is an annual event that has previously been organised by the EPFL (Switzerland), the University of Copenhagen (Denmark); and jointly by Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden). This year it will take place on July 6-10 in Stockholm. The intention of the conference is to create a setting in which young researchers in topology can meet each other and share their work. The program will consist of short talks given by the participants and three lecture series by invited speakers. This year's invited speakers are Kathryn Hess (EPFL), Thomas Nikolaus (WWU Münster) and Karen Vogtmann (Cornell University and University of Warwick).

Talks and lecture series

The program will consist of short talks by the participants, and three lecture series with the following preliminary titles:

"What does topology have to do with neuroscience?" (Kathryn Hess)

Preliminary subtitles for lectures:

  • The algebraic topology of brain structure and function
  • How to use topology to grow synthetic neurons
  • Topological exploration of network dynamics

Abstract: TBA

"Topological cyclic homology and cyclotomic spectra" (Thomas Nikolaus)

Abstract: TBA

"Outer space, automorphisms of free groups and graph complexes" (Karen Vogtmann)

Abstract: TBA


The registration form for the YTM 2020 can be found here: The registration deadline is February 29, 2020 for applications for accommodation and March 31, 2020 for the rest of the form.

Excursion and conference dinner

There will be an excursion on Wednesday afternoon, July the 8th, and a conference dinner on Thursday July the 9th. More information will follow.


The Young Topologists Meeting 2020 will take place at the main campus of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the organizers at

  • Thomas Blom
  • Tobias Grøsfjeld
  • Louis Hainaut
  • Alvin Jin
  • Erik Lindell
  • Robin Stoll
  • Francesca Tombari