Dr Yu Tao

DPhil (Oxon, 2015); MPhil (Camtab, 2009); dual BAs (Peking, 2008)

Hello! Welcome to my personal website!

My name is Yu Tao. I am Lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Western Australia (UWA), where I conduct research into the interactions between the state, civic organisations, and religious groups in contemporary China and overseas Chinese communities, delivery teaching on contemporary China in English and in Chinese, and coordinate the Chinese major at the School of Social Sciences.

Prior to UWA, I was tenured as Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Asia Pacific Studies at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), where I taught undergraduate and postgraduate modules, supervised MA and PhD students, and served as a Research Degree Tutor at the School of Language and Global Studies for three years.

I completed my doctoral project at the University of Oxford after graduated from the University of Cambridge with a master's degree in distinction. I obtained my first degrees -- dual BAs in Government and Sociology -- from Peking University in 2008.

I consider myself a political sociologist – a political scientist whose primary job is to make sense of the social foundations and mechanisms underlying politics. I am most interested in investigating and explaining the roles played by intermediate organisations in contentious politics, with a special focus on authoritarian countries. I am passionate about applying my research findings to improve the theories and practice regarding inclusive local governance in and beyond China.

When not doing research or pretending so, I am a big fan of food, books, history, and documentaries about all these subjects. I love travelling, reading, watching documentaries, and, occasionally, cooking.

Yu Tao | 陶郁


G01, School of Social Sciences, University of Western Australia

M257, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley, 6009, WA, Australia

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