Young Researchers in Mathematics 2020

University of Bristol

8th - 10th June

Welcome to the homepage of the YRM 2020.

The 10th anniversary of the Young Researchers in Mathematics Conference will be held at the University of Bristol from Monday 8th June to Wednesday 10th June.

What is YRM?

Young Researchers in Mathematics is the conference for all PhD students in the UK. We want to welcome each and every early career mathematician to this conference, where you can meet researchers from all areas in a friendly environment.

YRM is the perfect opportunity to give talks about your maths, whether it be introductory or your own results. We also invite you to the plenary talks, which showcase a wide range of mathematics happening in the UK now.

Whether this is the first or final year of your PhD, this is the conference for you!

The organisers

Emma Bailey, Ollie Clarke, Nirvana Coppola, Charley Cummings, Ayesha Hussain